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The products
Caught Locally
The products obtained locally, (imperial crayfish, white crayfish, cod, shrimp, skate, mullet, lobster, capon, dentex, grouper, john dory, sargo, common pandora, gilthead, mullet, cuttlefish, sardine, Atlantic mackerel, bogue, surelli, anchovy, ray, allis shad, ling, picarel of marida, amberjack, sargo, saddled seabream, brown meagre, fish soup, moray, mullet, great skate, conger, weever, sword fish, bluefin tuna, bonito, sea bass, dormouse, octopus, large pandora, squid, cuttlefish, red shrimp, small-spotted catshark, angler) are caught along the coast of Sardinia with a fleet of about 40 vessels including 15 motor skiffs, sloops equipped for night fishing, trawlers and 10 Guzzettes of several ton displacement.

Dentex - © Giovanni Rivieccio Srl 

 Gilthead - © Giovanni Rivieccio Srl

Fresh imported
Product imported from the countries of the European Union, South America, Africa and Australia (cod, albacore, flounder, salmon, Atlantic mackerel, striped seabeam, shrimp, piked dogfish, filet of grouper, filet of dab, filet of herring, filet of blue whiting, filet of perch, filet of cod, filet of plaice, sole, soas, brill,frog's tail).

Product frozen in the Riviecco plant during the months of fishing characterized by an over-abundance on the national market. The imported frozen products are supplied directly by the world leaders in the frozen food sector.

Sardine - © Giovanni Rivieccio Srl 

 Crayfish - © Giovanni Rivieccio Srl

Live Products
The live seafood products are kept in special tanks equipped with a cooling system that guarantees the maximum freshness (lobster, sea crayfish, king crab, grand crab, sea crayfish, eel, shrimp).

Raised fish
Products are procured from the best fisheries in Italy and Europe.

Mixed seafood and Crusteaceans
Products come from the best local and national facilities (conch, mussels, oysters, hard clams, crabs, scallops, lupin, solen, true mussels, striated mussel, slugs, natica, cockles, bittersweet combs, female welk, razor shells, soft-shell crabs,venus shells).

Fish soup - © Giovanni Rivieccio Srl 

 A cornucopia of crustaceans - © Giovanni Rivieccio Srl

Cuttlefish, octopus, squid, dormouse, crayfish.

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